Holoplexity: Theory of Consciousness

Adam Sturdevant, PsyD, PhD

Holoplexity: Theory of Consciousness, book page and description.

In Holoplexity, consciousness is hypothesized as predating the universe and as ultimately comprising all matter and energy. It comprises the very architecture of reality, including spatial dimensions (as we perceive them), and is even the causal factor of time itself. This theory then goes on to argue that consciousness is hidden from us, is timeless (but still generates time), and is the source from which all things flow. Humans are only able to appreciate and apprehend the aftermath of this interaction.

Consciousness is then believed to exist in all things as manifested in both matter and electromagnetism, as well as non-spatial, non-temporal, phenomenal existence itself. Holoplexity seeks to offer an explanation for how information becomes human experience. From the advent of time to the reading of these words, the Holoplexity Theory of Consciousness makes a coherent explanation for it all.

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About The Author

Adam Sturdevant, PsyD, PhD

Dr. Adam Sturdevant is a licensed clinical psychologist and is a proudly enrolled member of the Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin. Dr. Sturdevant and his wife, Joanne, are co-founders of Neurofeedback Training Clinics (NTC) in Green Bay, Wisconsin and are also avid Green Bay Packers fans who enjoy nature walks, bike rides, movie watching, comedy, and helping others. The Sturdevants live in Green Bay with their cat Iggy and dog Kali Rose.

You can connect with Dr. Sturdevant online via LinkedIn.

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