Happy Families: How to Protect and
Support Your Child's Mental Health

Dr Beth Mosley, MBE

Happy Families: How to Protect and Support Your Child's Mental Health, book cover and book description.

"The must-have, family handbook that deserves to be well thumbed and underlined. Accessible, equipping and game-changing." (Anna Mathur, author of Mind Over Mother)

  • Do you want to know how you can you support your child with anxiety?
  • Have you noticed changes in your child's behaviour, and you're not sure why?
  • Don't know what you can do to help?

Happy Families is your definitive guide to understanding your child's mental health, so they can survive and thrive. Whether you're afraid that anxiety is controlling your child's life, struggling with getting your child out of a low mood cycle, or you just want support on how to communicate with them, this book is here to help.

Dr Beth Mosley MBE is one of the UK’s most experienced and respected consultant clinical psychologists, and she works with children, young people and their families every day. In this groundbreaking guide aimed at parents of children aged 4-21, she offers a comprehensive toolkit that will help you make sense of what your child is going through and give you the hope and reassurance you need to make a change.

Filled with invaluable tools, quick-fire exercises, case studies and additional worksheets, Happy Families has everything you need to protect and support your child's mental health.

"When children are facing a mental health challenge, Dr Beth offers what all struggling parents need: an evidence-based road map to helping your child find themselves again. Happy Families is easy to read and compassionate, and packed full of practical strategies to empower parents. In a world that seems to be increasingly filled with danger and vitriol, we need books like this to help us stay on track." (Amber Hatch, author of Mindfulness for Parents)

A Word From The Author

This book is not just for parents! It is for anyone interested in or studying psychology, and is a critical read if you are training or working with children or young people. You may be training to be a nurse or working in a mental health service or charity; maybe you are a youth worker or a member of school staff? You could be a manager/employer of young adults, or work at a University where student wellbeing is an issue? If so, this book will help you better understand the young people (and parents) you are working with and give you the tools to get the best out of your relationship with them. It will revolutionise your approach to helping them face their challenges by working with their psychology/mind – not against it.

Perhaps you just want to understand your own upbringing better and how your experiences in childhood or adolescence have influenced who you are today?

If so, this book is for you. It takes you through everything you need to know in this area in a reader-friendly, digestible and relatable way. It gives you the essential things you need to know about the workings of the developing mind and how issues like anxiety, low mood, self-harm and challenging behaviours can be understood and responded to.

You will not only have a better understanding of children and young people, but also your own upbringing and experience of being parented. This is the only book out there with all of the evidence-based approaches in one place! It will equip you to make simple changes that make a big difference.

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Happy Families: How to Protect and Support Your Child's Mental Health is available to buy from your local bookseller and online internationally from Amazon.

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About The Author

Dr Beth Mosley, MBE

Dr Beth Mosley MBE is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who works for the NHS delivering mental health services across Suffolk. She has worked in the NHS as a clinician for over 20 years, providing specialist mental health support to children and their families across the spectrum of need and complexity, and developed innovative mental health provisions in schools across Suffolk, leading to a transformation in how services are delivered. She developed a parent workshop programme throughout the pandemic on key topics like anxiety, low mood and self-harm, which was accessed by over 12,000 parents during 2021.

Beth’s contribution to children’s mental health during the pandemic was recognised in the 2022 New Year’s Honours List with an MBE. She regularly speaks on BBC and ITV local news, as well as BBC radio stations about young people’s mental health, writes articles for the local papers and was named as one of 2022’s Suffolk 100 influential leaders. She is a trustee of Suffolk-based charity The Nest, which supports young people struggling with mental health in a farmland setting.

Beth’s experience as a single parent of three children, coupled with her work with hundreds of parents and young people drives her passion to de-mystify mental health, bring communities together to support one another, create a sense of belonging and promote mental health resilience.

You can learn more about the inspirational work of Dr Beth Mosley by visiting her website: www.drbethmosley.com and you connect with her online via X, InstagramTikTok and LinkedIn.

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