Good Relations: Cracking the Code
for How to Get on Better

Dr. Janet Reibstein

Good Relations: Cracking the Code for How to Get on Better. Book cover and quote about the book by Gwyneth Paltrow.

We all want to get on with people better. Consider this your personal toolkit to developing more productive and satisfying relationships in every aspect of your life.

Do you long to have deeper, more meaningful connections with your loved ones? Do you want to resolve conflicts with friends and work effectively with colleagues?

Having good relationships – from partners and family to your friends or colleagues – is the key to thriving. Research shows it impacts your health, well-being, financial security and happiness. But how do you get there?

Leading psychologist Janet Reibstein shows you step by step how to 'learn' relationships, so you can make even the most difficult interaction a positive one.

With case studies, practical advice and centred around four essential skills, Good Relations shows you how to harness healthy, successful relationships. You'll master how to communicate clearly, develop empathy and make crucial repairs when things go wrong.

Praise For: Cracking the Code for How to Get on Better:

"Utterly fantastic. Read immediately" — Claudia Winkleman

"The toolkit we all need – totally straightforward, immensely helpful and captivatingly wise" — Kirsty Young

"An essential primer for negotiating your way through life's sticky situations, from parenting teens, to elderly parents, from siblings to spouses – this is a practical guide to unlocking the problem." — Daisy Goodwin

"There is no surer route to happiness than good relationships and no better source of practical wisdom on how to get them than Janet Reibstein's glorious constellation of insights and advice drawn from decades of saving marriages, friendships and working partnerships. Read this and your life will get better." — Octavius Black, CEO MindGym

"A highly readable manual for life, which draws on deep clinical expertise to provide accessible solutions to what we all want most: improving our relationships." — Baroness Camilla Cavendish

"Brilliant, insightful, and so, so smart. This truly life-enhancing book reveals the secrets to building long-lasting relationships of all kinds." — Anna Williamson

"Expert insight and heartfelt guidance" — Julie Etchingham

"Digestible, actionable advice on getting on better with the people that matter." — Sainsbury's Magazine

"Janet Reibstein lays out the foundations we could all do with revising" — Stylist magazine

"Rooted in research, Reibstein's methods are practical and positive…an instructive and thought-provoking read." — Psychologies

"Reveals the secrets to effective communication and building long-lasting relationships." — Top Sante Health & Beauty

"In this clear and compassionate guide, psychologist Janet Reibstein highlights how to build communication skills, nurture empathy and interact more effectively. It's an illuminating read." — Woman's Own

"This woman can help you ... the psychologist's guide to getting on with people." — The Times

Good Relations: Cracking the Code for How to Get on Better is available to buy from your local bookseller and online internationally from Amazon.

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About The Author

Dr Janet Reibstein

Psychologist, Dr. Janet Reibstein is a US born/UK resident clinician, academic, coach, consultant, broadcaster and writer who has been dubbed in the popular media 'The UK’s couples guru'. Dr. Reibstein is a consultant clinical psychologist (family & couples) at The Child and Family Practice, London and Professor Emerita at the University of Exeter.

Dr. Reibstein's research on couples, published over three of her books, formed the basis of a prime time television series and two BBC Radio 4 series. Her research and practice (including an innovative clinical method for working with couples in use across the UK) has yielded a 'code' for how to manage tricky times within any sort of relationship - from families, to friendships, to love relationships, to work ones, a 'code' that is easily communicated and learned - as shown in the critically acclaimed, Good Relations: Cracking the code for how to get on better.

Her books are the 'go-to' for learning how to 'do' relating well; to learn how to negotiate through sticky moments; to become a super-'relator': that is, to become as 'relationally capable' as you can be, whether that's relating with a lover, a friend, a sibling, a parent, a child, or a colleague.

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