Get Psyched

The Therapist’s Guide to the Art and Business of Public Speaking

Kyler Shumway, Psy.D.

Get Psyched: The Therapist’s Guide to the Art and Business of Public Speaking

You have a story to share, and this book can help make it happen. Get Psyched is a comprehensive guide for integrating public speaking into your career in psychology. Psychotherapists, counselors, researchers, and students alike can learn everything from identifying your topic to marketing yourself as a speaker.  Get Psyched can help you:

  • Choose a strong topic 
  • Find and land speaking gigs 
  • Develop a stellar presentation 
  • Perform with confidence 
  • Master the Q&A 
  • Negotiate compensation for paid events 
  • Avoid speaker burnout
  • ...and more! 

Dr. Kyler Shumway, the author of The Friendship Formula, went from fearfully avoiding the stage to becoming a sought-after keynote speaker and live television expert.  He believes that mental health professionals have a duty, as stewards of science and healing, to share psychology with the world through speaking.

In this excellent American Psychological Association presentation, Daniel Wendler, MA, and Kyler Shumway, Psy.D., discuss how to become a public speaker as a mental health professional.

Get Psyched: The Therapist’s Guide to the Art and Business of Public Speaking is available to order in both print and kindle versions from Amazon.

About The Author

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Dr. Kyler Shumway is an author, speaker, and doctor of clinical psychology. He is the founder of, a site dedicated to helping students and professionals in psychology find their mission, build a brand, and change the world through speaking and writing. Dr. Shumway works at Deep Eddy Psychotherapy, one of the largest outpatient practices in Austin, Texas.

You can connect with Dr. Shumway online via his website: or via LinkedIn and Twitter.

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