Finding Hope: Ways of Seeing Life in a Brighter Light

Ronna Fay Jevne & James E. Miller

Finding Hope: Ways of Seeing Life in a Brighter Light

There is something mysterious about hope. You can be in dire straits and have a great deal of hope. You can have everything going your way and have little or no hope at all. As authors Ronna Fay Jevne & James E. Miller explain in this wonderful book, hope has a powerful effect upon your life. After explaining what hope is and is not, they describe how it works and offer twenty-two specific ideas about how to find, keep, and build hope in one’s personal life.

This book is not just about hope. It is an experience of hope itself. Insightful quotations for the ages as well as creative black and white photography enhance the text.

Finding Hope is a rare gem, a book that makes a difference. I personally have gifted Finding Hope to more than 300 individuals. The book Finding Hope is big enough to change a life and small enough to travel with you everywhere. Finding Hope is useful for both the hopeful and the hope challenged. It plants the seeds of hopefulness even in those whose situations invite despair. Finding Hope is a great resource for students, patients, health care providers, caregivers, educators, and clergy. It is well received by individuals and great as a resource for short term group interventions. 

(Sharon L. Moore, PhD, RN R. Psych.)

About The Authors

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Ronna Jevne is a professor emeritus of the University of Alberta. Her career has spanned decades as a teacher, psychologist, professor, inspirational speaker, and the author of more than a dozen books.

Ronna lives in a quiet rural setting with her husband Hal. They share their commitment to therapeutic and reflective writing through the Prairie Wind Writing Centre. Ronna’s career included becoming a leading authority on the phenomena of hope.

James E. Miller is a writer and photographer who works in the areas of loss and grief, older age, caregiving, managing transition, and spirituality. Jim made hope a central theme in his work as a minister, grief counsellor and photographer. Through Willowgreen Inc. he has authored twenty-five books and created over forty videos. He lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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