Essential Learning Theories

Applications to Authentic Teaching Situations

Andrew P. Johnson, Ph.D.

Essential Learning Theories: Applications to Authentic Teaching Situations, book cover and description.

Research-based theories provide the basis for good decision-making in education. As well, teacher effectiveness and student learning are enhanced when research-based theories are used to design curriculum and daily lessons. This book examines human learning in the context of four types of research-based learning theories: neurological learning theories, behavioral learning theories, cognitive learning theories, and transformative learning theories. With each theory, the basic elements are described along with specific classroom applications. The writing style makes these concepts readily accessible to readers of all levels of experience and expertise.

Essential Learning Theories: Applications to Authentic Teaching Situations is appropriate for preservice teachers who are seeking to comprehend the basic ideas behind these theories. It is appropriate for practicing teachers who want to understand and apply these theories at increasingly higher levels. It is also appropriate for decision-makers or anybody else who wants to understand human learning and educational processes.

This excellent book ends with a description of lesson planning that is set in the various theoretical contexts and includes a guide for defining an educational philosophy

"It is easy to lose sight of the big picture of education when your day is spent frantically covering content, measuring progress, and “fighting fires”. Imagine re-discovering your "why" in a book on learning theories! When the basics are presented in a way that "connects-the-dots", as Dr. Johnson has done in this book, they can be inspiring reminders of why we do what we do, how we can strive to be better, and where we are headed with our work. In his latest book, Dr. Johnson has distilled the most essential information on the subject of learning theories and their application in teaching and learning and, like a true master teacher, presented it in a clear and concise way. Of all the books I have collected on the subject of education, I return to Dr. Johnson’s most frequently. Dr. Johnson has generously embedded nuggets of wisdom in this book which reveal the 'big picture' of the art and science of teaching". (Jennifer Sopoci, M.S. Ed)

Essential Learning Theories: Applications to Authentic Teaching Situations is available to buy from your local bookseller and online internationally from Amazon.

About The Author

Andrew P. Johnson is Professor of Literacy and Distinguished Faculty Scholar at Minnesota State University, Mankato. He has written 15 books, including, The Human Dimension in Education: Essential Learning Theories and Their Impact on Teaching and Learning (Rowman and Littlefield, 2022) and Designing Meaning-Based Interventions for Struggling Readers (Guildford Press, 2021) Dr. Johnson has also published over 50 book chapters and articles related to literacy, learning, and the human condition.

.You can learn more about the work of Dr. Johnson by visiting his website,  listening to his podcast, The Reading Instruction Show and by watching the videos on his YouTube channel You can also connect with Dr. Johnson online via LinkedIn.

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