Crime and Criminality

Social, Psychological and Neurobiological Explanations

Ehor Orest Boyanowsky

Crime and Criminality: Social, Psychological and Neurobiological Explanations

This informative and entertaining book, peppered with personal anecdotes and rich in case studies, adopts a unique approach to studying the causes of crime. Rather than relying on one theoretical position, Boyanowsky borrows from a range of theories to explain criminal behavior and answer questions central to the field of criminology.

Crime and Criminality employs case studies, both notorious and lesser known, to bring theories to life and offer insight into vital contemporary issues, such as domestic violence, child pornography, genocide, the effect of climate change on crime, and the evolution of cybercrime. Engaging, accessible, and comparative in scope, this book is ideal for students and general readers interested in understanding the varied causes of crime. Introductions and summaries in each chapter make this an ideal text for criminology courses.

Crime and Criminality: Social, Psychological and Neurobiological Explanations is available to order in print and kindle versions from Amazon.

About The Author

Crime and Criminality is the culmination of an unusually variegated career encompassing not only researching in the lab and in the field the causes of criminal behaviour but as president of the provincial faculty organization, promoting the value of universities to government in order to increase funding for student places,  and working for the conservation of wilderness as essential for human health and security.  

Boyanowsky’s work on the effects of climate on violent crime has demonstrated that humans bear the brunt of extreme climate change and that wilderness is necessary for human wellbeing. Those efforts resulted in the first chapters in a major criminology text that cover crimes against the environment and public reactions to environmental threat. 

In 2014 the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of British Columbia named their annual recognition of an outstanding researcher The Ehor Boyanowsky Academic of the Year Award.

Ehor Boyanowsky is a retired professor in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University. You can connect him online via LinkedIn.

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