Cognitive Skills You Need for the 21st Century

Stephen Reed, Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Cognitive Skills You Need for the 21st Century, book cover and description.

In Cognitive Skills You Need for the 21st Century, Stephen Reed discusses a Future of Jobs report that contrasts trending and declining skills required by the workforce in the year 2022. Trending skills include analytical thinking and innovation, active learning strategies, creativity, reasoning, and complex problem solving. Part One on Acquiring Knowledge contains chapters on cognitive processes that are critical for learning. Part Two on Organizing Knowledge explains how matrices, networks, and hierarchies offer contrasting methods for visualizing organization. Part Three on Reasoning discusses visuospatial reasoning, reasoning from imperfect knowledge, and reasoning strategies. Part Four on Problem Solving focuses on the knowledge and strategies required to solve different types of problems, including those that involve design and dynamic changes. Part Five on Artificial Intelligence contains chapters on the Data Sciences, Explanatory Models, the Information Sciences, and General AI. Part Six on Education consists of three chapters on educating 21st century skills at all levels of instruction. Research in Cognitive Psychology, Education, and AI provides the foundation for acquiring these skills. Cognitive Skills You Need for the 21st Century:

  • Discusses a broad range of cognitive skills identified by the World Economic Forum as becoming increasingly important for the 21st century workforce 
  • Aids undergraduate and graduate students in planning their education by recommending courses and projects 
  • Includes anecdotes and problems designed to encourage the reader to actively think and reflect about their own problems and experiences 
  • Identifies relevant research in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Psychology, and Education that should contribute to solving the world's problems

Cognitive Skills You Need for the 21st Century is available to buy from your local bookseller and online internationally from Amazon.

Stephen Reed is an emeritus professor of psychology at San Diego State University who in 2021 celebrated his 50th anniversary of writing books. Recent examples include the second edition of Thinking Visually and the tenth edition of his text Cognition: Theory and Applications.

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