Can't Hide What's Inside

Book 1 of the Madison Sanders trilogy

C.J. Heigelmann

Can't Hide What's Inside. Book cover and book description.

A guilt-ridden single mother kills in revenge for the accidental death of her child. But she can't stop, and she can't hide what's inside in this dark noir crime thriller.

The future is bright for Madison Sanders, a 27-year-old business analyst and single mother. Finally free from her abusive mother’s controlling grip, she relocates across the country and begins a new job.

Soon after, dark troubles arise as her misogynistic male office co-workers sexually harass her to the point of desperation. Unwilling to tolerate any more offensive behavior, she strikes back, reporting the offenders to management. Feeling self-assured, she resumes her focus on work.

Then tragedy strikes in the form of an accident, resulting in the death of her only child. Madison accepts all blame and is crushed under the weight of her guilt and grief.

But everything changes as a startling revelation about the accident is revealed, sending her on a crusade to find the truth of what really happened. Frustrated by uncooperative police detectives, she turns to the help of a private investigator to find the criminals responsible. But he finds much more than he expected.

The reader is transported through an odyssey of lies, deception, and murder as more facts about the crime are revealed, including Madison’s own dark hidden past, unbeknown to her. In the journey to find justice, her mother’s secrets manifest into reality, forcing Madison to accept a horrifying truth she can’t hide inside.

Can't Hide What's Inside is available to buy from your local bookseller and online internationally from Amazon.

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About The Author

C.J. Heigelmann

C.J. Heigelmann is a freelance writer and an author of Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Psychological Thrillers.

He produces literature that focuses on the human condition through character perspective and realism. Ever evolving, but yet retaining his core signature of sharp-edged realism, his writing style brings deep and compelling meaning to every plot and storyline while maintaining the integrity of the subject matter at hand. His ultimate goal is to stimulate a reader's mind, intellect, and emotions while being legitimately informative and intentionally provocative.

You can learn more about C.J. Heigelmann and his award winning writing by visiting his website and Amazon author page, and you can connect with online via Facebook and X and LinkedIn.

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