Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life: An Unbelievably Simple, Proven Path to Rapid, Remarkable Change

Deanna LoTerzo

Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life: An Unbelievably Simple, Proven Path to Rapid, Remarkable Change, Book cover and description latest version

Deanna's book offers the tools to take the big messy soup of your "story" and distill it to its essence. She then offers simple effective tools to first recognize the patterns that are running our lives, second identify where they came from and third release them...Whether guided by a practitioner or used alone in the quiet of your own home with a journal, her tools and techniques have the capacity to change your life...Thank you Deanna for this gift - Dr. Sarah Roth, BSc, ND - Canada

Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life, is a game-changer! It uses simple, proven techniques grounded in mindfulness, neuroscience, and positive psychology to rapidly move you beyond limiting thoughts, fears, negative emotions, and destructive behaviors.

  • Surprisingly simple, these powerful tools and scripts, in most cases, achieve immediate results. Experience what it feels like to be no longer defined by your past - starting today.
  • More exciting! The entire process can be learned in less than 24 hours, raising the bar on what it means to be fully empowered.
  • Explore Emotional Inventories designed to promote self-discovery and healing. Emotional Inventories are a a unique resource included in these chapters: Reclaim Your Identity, No More Secrets: Surviving the Aftermath of Abuse, De-Mystifying Eating Disorders & Weight Loss.
  • Discover 5 paradigm-shifting scientific facts in the first few chapters that will forever alter the way you see yourself, your potential and your world.
  • Expand your innate creative intelligence and higher consciousness to re-imagine the life you want - no longer a victim of circumstance.
  • Read inspirational stories and case notes of amazing transformations to newfound self-assurance, health and happiness.

Set aside all preconceived notions that solutions need be complex, hard-learned and rigid. Those don't apply here. The key to rapid, radical, and lasting transformation is simplicity!

With subconscious thoughts and emotions accounting for over ninety percent of our interactions with the external world, it is essential we learn how to use our creative, intuitive intelligence to access the inspired solutions we need to feed our best life.

"Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life is a life-altering revelation in the realm of personal growth and self-help. The writing is approachable, honest, and laid out in easy-to-understand language. Each chapter builds upon the next like an interactive workshop in book format…show you the correct steps to take back control, recover from depression and hopelessness, rise above forces wanting to pull you down, and become the person you were meant to be all along. I can’t recommend this book enough." - NetGalley US

Further Praise For Deanna and Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life

"Deanna's Virtual Reality program is an impressively effective therapy on the mind/body level. A safe way to disconnect the emotional component from past memories, release destructive thought patterns, and move forward as a freer more authentic you. I would challenge anyone to try this therapy and not get meaningful results." - Dr. Marc Boutet, ND - Canada

"I’ve "talk-counseled" others my entire life, but now have these incredible new tools that work on a completely different energy level. I agree with the author that mind-body healing is the way of the future. Before coming to see me, many of my clients tried numerous ways to deal with their health and emotional issues with limited success. The results I have seen using these techniques are incredible! The process is simple, safe, and empowering for both myself as a practitioner and my clients as results, in most cases, become immediately evident. The author has effectively developed practical, powerful exercises and scripts that can work in minutes." - Deena B., Counselor - Canada

"Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life is unlike other self-help books that preach the meaning in philosophies; LoTerzo aligns science with logical positive transformative practices that can change your life...a brilliant book, well-conceived, well-written, inspirational, insightful, and compelling, reminding me of the power of words. I will undoubtedly revisit her teaching in the future." - Readers' Favorite US

"How refreshing to come across a self-help book that combines science, research and real-life experiences in an accessible and practical guide. Bright Mind, Happy Heart, Best Life by Deanna LoTerzo does just that. This book is not full of jargon. This is a resource in which the author shares details of her life experiences and relationships as well as those of her clients who also have benefitted from using the tools and techniques she espouses to achieve a more fulfilling and happy life. At the core of the book is the relationship between the mind, body and spirit and how negative thoughts and self-talk affect our wellbeing and quality of life." - Booktopia AUS

"Even though I am a therapist experienced in traditional, psycho-spiritual, and somatic approaches, I was shocked at the power (without causing emotional overwhelm), depth, and efficiency of Deanna's process. Deanna is a world class healer.

Her method redefines my concept of how long healing takes (even compared to EMDR) and who can participate in it. One of my friends cleared major depression, another crippling anxiety, and myself core personality issues in 1 to 2 sessions plus there were many healing transpersonal add-ons. This is incredible beyond your best expectation." - Terry S., Ph.D. Psychologist - US

"Bright mind, Happy heart, Best life has made a huge impact on my well-being. The book is about personal empowerment and changing your life for the better. Following the exercises as recommended has given me more lasting personal change than any self-help books I have read. Deanna speaks credibly from her own experience and from case histories of people she has helped in her coaching/counselling practice. My attitude has shifted, my perception of myself and my ability to function have all taken a welcome upturn. Well-written, clear and logical, the book is a gift." -

"From the course, I gained skills beyond what I had imagined. I am now able to assist others and myself in a dynamic and efficient manner, superseding most other realms of previous training. In private sessions, I experienced profound healing on many levels. I sensed peace and calmness in a way not previously felt and this clearing created the sweetest of foundations.

My take away message was one of possibility, positive regard, and knowing that in any instance or thought, I am able to heal, transform or shift. I am grateful for the remarkable example of boundaries and balance that Deanna demonstrates. This modeling will facilitate me in my personal and professional roles." - Savannah F., MD - Canada

"Bright mind, happy heart, best life by Deanna LoTerzo is like having your own personal life coach in your bedroom helping your discovery how to put the tools you need to move forward in life. This was one of my favorite books to read this year. It talks about the power of words. She shares her own experience in life and how you can apply those topics/ situations into your own life." - NetGalley US

"This is an inspirational, helpful, and engaging self-help book.... about how we as individuals can reach our fullest potential...stimulating information about the latest research in psychology and neurobiology...very thought-provoking...powerful activities and exercises in easy-to-understand steps...the work with the Emotion Inventories is particularly strong." - Independent Editorial Review

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About The Author

Deanna LoTerzo

Deanna LoTerzo's success as a psychotherapist, life coach, and spiritual mentor spans 18+ years and is attested to by health practitioners and clients from all walks of life. Earlier, a not-so-optimistic prognosis prompted her to abandon a career in business management to pursue further study of the emotional, psychological, and sociological causes of chronic illness and disease. Along the way, she developed a series of powerful yet simple mind-body-spirit techniques, backed by science, to which she attributes her survival. The story of her own amazing transformation to vibrant health and happiness is one of hope, faith, and courage - sprinkled with a healthy dose of dry, offbeat Australian humor.

To accelerate her transition from workaholic frenzy to meditative calm, and from relentless researcher to writer Deanna spent an enlightening seven-month sabbatical in Nepal. Now, when she's not in the kitchen preparing a vegan meal, or out hiking, Deanna can be found curled up, hot chocolate in hand, reading murder mysteries and police procedurals. Sounds odd, maybe? But it is all about the how and why.

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