Attentive Leadership

Lead With A Healthy Self-Image

Flooris van der Walt

Attentive Leadership

You and I can only be an attentive leader when we intimately know our own strengths and weaknesses and know how they are expressed in behavior towards others. We can only be authentic leaders when we are able to thoughtfully compensate for our weaknesses and manage them wisely.

I hope that this book will provide a stimulus to make you, as leaders, aware that your self-image constantly influences others and the way they inevitably respond to you. And that this, in turn, affects how your self-image is shaped, going forward.

My primary aim here is to focus on developing a completely attainable, healthy self-image with you, as leaders, who like me, are excited and driven to take up the challenge of developing a more authentic leadership style.

Attentive Leadership is available to order from your favorite independent bookseller, Barnes and Noble and in print and kindle versions from Amazon.

About The Author

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Flooris van der Walt is both South African and Swiss and has lived and worked in both countries. He is a clinical psychologist who practices as a psychotherapist and is registered with the Health Professions Council in South Africa. In Switzerland, he is registered as a psychologist with the Psychologieberufekommission and is a member of the Swiss Society for Coaching Psychology. 

Flooris finished a post-graduate degree in Gifted Child Education and subsequently completed an MBA, specializing in Human Resources. He enhanced this education with lifelong learning through courses including the Advanced Human Resource Executive Program at Michigan Ross Business School, Human Resources in Asia at INSEAD, Entrepreneurship at Babson College, Senior Management Program at IMD Business School, Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School, and Consulting and Change at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. 

After 30 years in multinational manufacturing industries, Flooris founded his own business, vanderwalt GmbH (, and specializes in "Building Courage to face Change and Uncertainty".

You can connect with Flooris online via LinkedIn.

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