Anxiety Free, Drug Free

Renee Mill

Anxiety Free, Drug Free: Change Your Thinking and Empower Your Mind in 90 Days

Change Your Thinking and Empower Your Mind in 90 Days

Anxiety Free, Drug Free is a practical, self-help manual devised to help people who suffer from stress and anxiety.  Renee Mill, Clinical Psychologist and Occupational Therapist, gives you the skills to manage your anxiety with this successful 90-day drug-free program.

Renee Mill has over thirty years of experience in private practice and has seen just how crippling anxiety can be.  Whether your anxiety is mild, moderate or severe, the tools presented in this book will enable you to take control of your life and build stronger emotional resilience, without the use of prescription drugs.

Based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), the gold standard of treating stress, anxiety and depression, this 90-day program rewires the brain.  Using repetition, self-reflection, daily planners and worksheets, teaching you the necessary skills to recognise and analyse automatic thoughts and behaviours, stop them in their tracks and moving forward to a better, healthier, anxiety-free you.

About The Author

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With over 30 years of clinical experience, Renee Mill has spent her working life empowering individuals emotionally, in their relationships and at work through evidence-based therapies, psycho-education and public speaking.

Renee continues to work full-time in her own private practice in Sydney to deliver effective counselling to individuals, couples, parents and families. As a wife, mother, step-mother, and grandmother who works in her own business, she has real life perspectives on most of life’s issues.

A popular and highly respected media commentator, Renee has appeared on television (Today Show, Sunrise, The Morning Show, Today Tonight, The Seven PM Project) and radio (both ABC and commercial stations) and is frequently quoted in the media regarding anxiety, parenting and various other issues surrounding mental wellbeing and emotional intelligence.


As well as Anxiety Free, Drug Free, other great books by Renee Mill include, Parenting without Anger and No Sweat Parenting.

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