Ahron Friedberg, M.D.

Acclaimed Author, Keynote Speaker and Psychoanalyst

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Through a Screen Darkly offers real-time, intimate reflections on Dr. Friedberg’s patients as they struggle with COVID-19 and its disruptive, dispiriting fallout. This book will be invaluable to in-training and practicing psychiatrists, as it points to the several possible directions for our national, psychological recovery from the pandemic.

Psychotherapy and Personal Change: Two Minds in a Mirror offers unique day-to-day accounts of patients undergoing psychotherapy and what happens during "talk therapy". It is a candid, moment-by-moment revelation of how the therapist’s own memories, feelings, and doubts are often as much a factor in the process as those of the patient.

Flashing Seven: The Seven Essential Skills for Living and Leading is about leadership, an important subject for our times. Specifically, it addresses the question of how a person can best live and lead his or her life.

Between Us is both an exhilarating and profound work, based on a remarkable series of conversations between a wise and loving father and a witty and inquisitive son. In searching out ways of leading a happier life, Between Us helps each of us to learn and grow. It heartens as it teaches, reaffirming how through a commitment to selfawareness and applying that knowledge, a person can clearly improve his or her life.

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You can access all of Dr. Friedberg's articles via his Psychology Today page.

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