Addict America: The Lost Connection

Dr. Carol Clark

Addict America: The Lost Connection

Based on the innovative premise that addiction is not limited to drugs or alcohol, but is truly about the over-the-top, out-of-control lifestyles that have detached Americans from each other and their spiritual Connections (with a capital "C"). Dr. Carol Clark looks at addiction as something in and of itself, a condition rather than a substance abuse or behavioral problem. She then offers practical strategies for change that will ground and Connect the readers so they may find happiness and fulfillment in their daily lives. 

Covering this topic from the addictive process of disconnection - whether from use of technology or gambling, drugs or sex - through recovery and Connection, Clark’s strategies provide the tools necessary to create fulfilling and truly intimate relationships in every facet of life by shifting the root of the addictive behavior patterns to a place of clarity and acceptance. 

Describing and defining how repetitive, addictive behavior affects the human brain and causes the disconnections we experience with our families, friends, and co-workers in a profound, eye-opening manner, Dr. Clark’s book takes current addiction theory down a new, groundbreaking path. Addict America: The Lost Connection uses simple, personal language to make the complexity of the condition and the human brain understandable. Focused on the systemic nature of the problem, this book is a tour de force of personal change, offering instruction on how addictions fracture Connections in daily life and then providing solutions on how to rebuild them from within for maximum effect.

About The Author

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Dr. Carol Clark is a Board certified sex therapist and addictions counselor, president and senior instructor at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology and Therapist Certification Association.

From prisoners to celebrities, businessmen to artists, Dr. Clark's work has helped individuals from a multitude of backgrounds to find a better life. She employs a variety of interventions to effectively assist those seeking personal growth and an improved sense of well-being in their lives. She trains therapists to incorporate her conceptualization of addiction into their own work to improve communication strategies that deepen interpersonal intimacy and well-being.

In conjunction with her educational and professional development, her spiritual journey has facilitated an emotional and intellectual awareness of addiction as a condition that permeates all aspects of people's lives and recovery as a means of Connecting us to ourselves, each other, and to the Universe.

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