21 Days to Happiness: Increase Your
Happiness, Productivity and Energy

Ingrid Kelada

21 Days to Happiness: Increase Your Happiness, Productivity and Energy, book cover

Struggling to find work-life balance? Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated or just want to increase your happiness, you can learn how in just 10 minutes a day!

For some of us, feeling busy or stressed has become the new normal. Others feel okay, but just want a boost to productivity, energy and motivation.Instead of hoping for happiness, what if happiness is something you DO, something you CHOOSE every day? The good news: it is and the solutions are simple.

Happiness expert Ingrid Kelada, with over 25 years of experience as a psychologist, provides a step-by-step guide to help you increase your personal happiness and feel more motivated. You can learn how with simple 10-minute strategies. Each day of the 21-day journey focuses on one key area of your life, including:

  • Time: how to break the cycle of chaos and manage your time effectively.
  • Body Language: exploring the surprising links between body language and happiness.
  • Relationships: how to make the most of the number one predictor of happiness.
  • Work: how to use your strengths and talents so that you are engaged and motivated.
  • Money: what you should spend your money on to feel most satisfied.

In this interactive book, each chapter features resources like apps to try, videos to watch for deeper understanding, space for journaling your observations, and tools to help you master these new habits in just a few minutes per day. At the end of three weeks, along with increased happiness, you’ll find you’ve become more:

  • productive
  • focused
  • patient
  • energetic
  • healthy
  • motivated
  • positive

Buy 21 Days to Happiness today to create a happier more satisfying life.

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About The Author

Ingrid Kelada

Ingrid Kelada is a psychologist and happiness expert with over 25 years of experience in changing lives. She works in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and has facilitated more than 1000 workshops and conferences worldwide.

She is pragmatic, passionate, dynamic and funny. Take this 3-week journey with her!

You can learn more about Ingrid by visiting her websites: www.21daystohappiness.com and kccpositivebusinesspsychology.com and you can connect with her online via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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