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The All About Psychology Newsletter, April 2011
April 08, 2011

Welcome to the April 2011 issue of the All About Psychology Newsletter.

In This Edition

  • Latest News
  • Psychology Book of The Month
  • Facebook Faves

  • Psychology on Kindle

  • Psychology Video of The Month

  • Check This Out
  • Just For Fun
  • And Finally

  • Latest News

    Psychological Analysis of Adolf Hitler

    I've just added an information page to the main website on Walter Langer's psychological analysis of Adolf Hitler; a landmark publication in the history of political psychology and political profiling. The page includes a BBC documentary on the subject. You can visit the page via the following link.

    Psychological Analysis of Hitler

    There is also an updated section on the website dedicated to political psychology. See following link.

    Political Psychology

    Psychology Book of The Month

    The psychology book of the month for April is:

    The Rough Guide to Psychology by Dr Christian Jarrett

    Book Description

    "The Rough Guide to Psychology" looks at the question psychologists have been asking for over a hundred years - why are we the way we are? It starts with you, your mind and brain, broadening out to look at your friends and other relationships, then finally on to crowds, mobs and religion. It explores the latest research relevant to crime, schooling, sport, politics, shopping and health, and what happens when the mind goes wrong, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and more unusual conditions.

    "The Rough Guide to Psychology" includes fascinating information on real-life psychology, testing your memory, intelligence, personality and much more, with advice on everything from chat-up lines to developing your creativity. "The Rough Guide to Psychology" is your ultimate guide to this fascinating subject.

    See following link for details of all the book of the month entries on the All About Psychology website.

    Psychology Book of The Month

    Facebook Faves

    Over 35,000 people are now following the All About Psychology facebook page. Among The most "liked" and commented upon posts since the last newsletter was:

    Exploring Behavioral Economics

    This post consisted of an interview with with social psychologist and behavioral economist Dan Ariely.

    You can get more details and listen to the interview by clicking Here

    See following link to access great content and connect with thousands of psychology fans across the world.

    Psychology on Kindle

    The initiative to make important, insightful and classic psychology publications widely available on Kindle is going from strength to strength. Among the new titles added this month are:

  • Dynamics of Personality Organization by Abraham Maslow
  • The Development of Insight in A Counseling Relationship by Carl Rogers
  • Rational Psychotherapy and Individual Psychology by Albert Ellis
  • You can view the full psychology on Kindle collection via the following link.

    Psychology on Kindle

    Psychology Video of The Month

    This section of the newsletter showcases one of the most popular videos uploaded to the Psychology Video Collection. This month's entry is:

    An Unquiet Mind: Personal Reflections on Manic-Depressive Illness

    In this University of Virginia video, Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, psychiatry professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, shares her experiences with living every day with the mania and severe depression that she had studied for years. She talks openly of the challenges she faced with the treatment and disclosure of her mental illness.

    You can watch this very popular video via the following link.

    Can We Know Our Own Minds?

    Check This Out

    The idea behind this section of the newsletter is to point you in the direction of places to visit, explore and learn.

    The Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

    The Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis is a psychology journal that publishes research about applications of the experimental analysis of behavior to problems of social importance.

    All Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis issues since 1968 are freely accessible to the general public. Click Here to access 2,600 full text articles.

    Just For Fun

    (Photo Credit: Paul Stevenson)

    Face Perception

    Click Here to find out if you can you guess someone's personality from their face?

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    The Psychology Student Guide

    Food For Thought

    "Many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices." (William James)

    For reading the All About Psychology Newsletter.

    Until next time.

    All the very best

    Dave Webb BSc (hons), MSc

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