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How much energy do you use when you think? At what time of day is your mental performance best? Does talking to yourself help your thinking? Are your thoughts influenced by body position? If you have an exam to take, or some problems to solve, how can you let your mind work, without your realizing it, to find the answers?

Great article from 1958 by Lawrence Galton which tackles these and other questions on how the mind works.

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The Human Mind

Fascinating article from 1925 in which the great Houdini exposes the trickery of fake spirit mediums.

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Historically important article from 1930 in which A. T. Poffenberger, Professor of psychology at Columbia University describes the latest theory of gestalt and compares it with Behaviorism, Freudian psychology and other ideas of behavior.

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Gestalt Psychology

This great article from 1957 addresses the problem of phonies and charlatans, how to recognise them and how to tell them from genuine psychologists. An important issue that is just as relevant today.

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Fake Psychologists

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