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About Social Psychology

questions about social psychology

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Welcome to the about social psychology Q & A page. This page consists of all the social psychology related questions visitors have submitted to the All About Psychology website, along with any replies (shown in italics) received in response to these questions.

About Social Psychology

Abu Ghraib Prison: By Maitreyee, Mumbai, India

I am a psychology honour's student in India. For a paper that I have to submit, the topic is - Why American soldier's tortured Iraqi detainees in Abu Ghraib Prison- I would like any suggestions related to the basic outline, as in the points that should be covered.

I plan to include destructive obedience, lack of leadership, power politics, in-group and out-group and possibly the aggression levels of the male soldiers as compared to those of the female soldiers. If you could provide any papers on the same as reference for my paper, or any links or places I could look up information in as well as any suggestions you might have, I will greatly appreciate your help. :)

There is a wealth of opinion on the topic of jailer brutality preceding Iraq. The place to begin is with the 'Stanford Prison Experiment' which demonstrated how easy it is to draw this kind of sadistic behavior from usually kind people. (Anonymous).

Social Psychology Research Topic: By Brian, Tempe, AZ, USA

I have a social psychology class in college, and for the final project I must complete a research project. Does anyone have any ideas for research topics?

How about aggression and hate crime? (Ron).

I am a Psychologist. I would suggest AGING...NURSING HOMES...or interview all the homeless people you can! (Anonymous).

We kinda have the same problem. I would have gone for politics and its effect on the politicians family but my professor rejected it. I would even suggest the book by Hans Eysenck entitled the psychology of politics (Anonymous).

Social Psychology Term: By Frank, Lexington, KY, USA

When someone buys into an idea and it goes wrong, and regular logic would tell them it is wrong, yet they still hold on to the idea, what is this called?

About Social Psychology Question: By Anonymous

Are children influenced by what they view?

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