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The All About Psychology Newsletter, September 2013
September 17, 2013

Welcome to the September 2013 issue of the All About Psychology Newsletter.

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Latest News

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Over 100,000 people are now following the All About Psychology Facebook Page. Amazing! Thank you all very much indeed.

Psychology Book of The Month

The psychology book of the month for September is:

The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It By Kelly McGonigal Ph.D.


Book Details

Based on Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonigal's wildly popular course "The Science of Willpower," The Willpower Instinct is the first book to explain the new science of self-control and how it can be harnessed to improve our health, happiness, and productivity.

Informed by the latest research and combining cutting-edge insights from psychology, economics, neuroscience, and medicine, The Willpower Instinct explains exactly what willpower is, how it works, and why it matters. For example, readers will learn:

  • Willpower is a mind-body response, not a virtue. It is a biological function that can be improved through mindfulness, exercise, nutrition, and sleep.

  • Willpower is not an unlimited resource. Too much self-control can actually be bad for your health.

  • Temptation and stress hijack the brain's systems of self-control, but the brain can be trained for greater willpower

  • Guilt and shame over your setbacks lead to giving in again, but self-forgiveness and self-compassion boost self-control.

  • Giving up control is sometimes the only way to gain self-control.

  • Willpower failures are contagious - you can catch the desire to overspend or overeat from your friends - but you can also catch self-control from the right role models.

    In the groundbreaking tradition of Getting Things Done, The Willpower Instinct combines life-changing prescriptive advice and complementary exercises to help readers with goals ranging from losing weight to more patient parenting, less procrastination, better health, and greater productivity at work.

    For details of this publication and all the psychology book of the month entries - see following link.

    Psychology Book of The Month

    Expert Interview

    Dr. Shannon Kolakowski is a psychologist in private practice in Seattle, helping people with depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. She is the author of the forthcoming books When Depression Hurts Your Relationship: How to Regain Intimacy and Reconnect with Your Partner When You're Depressed (March 2014) and Single, Shy and Looking For Love: A Dating Guide for the Shy and Socially Anxious (Fall 2014).

    Dr. Kolakowski writes a blog for the Huffington Post and has been interviewed for publications such as Redbook, Men's Health Magazine, Shape, eHarmony, and ParentMap.

    You can access our recent interview with Dr. Shannon Kolakowski via the following link.

    Dr. Shannon Kolakowski

    See following links to find a psychology school near you.

    Psychology Degrees (USA)

    Online Psychology Degrees (USA)

    Psychology Degrees (UK)


    Psychology University of The Rockies

  • Doctor of Psychology, Clinical Specialization
  • Master of Arts in Psychology
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    Psychology Quote of The Month

    psychology Quotes

    This picture quote is just one of the many images which forms part of the psychology on pinterest collection. See following link for full details.

    Psychology on Pinterest

    Psychology Humor

    Just for fun to remind us that there is funny Ha Ha as well as funny peculiar.

    (Photo Credit: William Murphy via flickr creative commons)

    For more psychology humor visit

    Psychology Article of The Month

    psychology articles

    See following link to read an excellent article on Abraham Maslow's theory of human motivation by William Kremer and Claudia Hammond for the BBC World Service.

    Abraham Maslow and The Pyramid That Beguiled Business

    Psychology on Kindle

    The initiative to make historically important psychology publications widely available on Kindle is going from strength to strength. Recent additions to the collection include:

    Albert Bandura is one the world's most frequently cited psychologists. His ground-breaking work within the field of social learning and social cognitive theory led to a paradigm shift within psychology away from psychodynamic and behaviorist perspectives. As part of a new research agenda in the early 1960's which posited that people learn vicariously through observation Bandura began investigating aggression through imitation; work that gave rise to one of the most famous psychology studies of all time, "Transmission of Aggression Through Imitation of Aggressive Models." More commonly known as "The Bobo Doll Experiment," it was the first study to explore the impact of televised violence on children.

    Note To Psychology Students

    If you ever have to do a paper, assignment or class project on the Bobo doll experiment having access to Bandura's original publication in full will prove invaluable. A psychology classic is by definition a must read; however, most landmark texts within the discipline remain unread by a majority of psychology students. A detailed, well written description of a classic study is fine to a point, but there is absolutely no substitute for understanding and engaging with the issues under review than by reading the authors unabridged ideas, thoughts and findings in their entirety.

    Bonus Material

    Transmission of Aggression Through Imitation of Aggressive Models builds upon some of Albert Bandura's previously published work. Among the most notable of these earlier publications is Identification as a Process of Incidental Learning; which is also presented in full.

    The kindle version of Psychology Classics All Psychology Students Should Read: The Bobo Doll Experiment is available via the following link.

    If you have any problems with this link, just go the Amazon website in your country and type the book title into the search box.

    You can view the full psychology on Kindle collection via the following link.

    Psychology on Kindle

    And Finally

    psychology articles

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    All the very best

    Dave Webb BSc (hons), MSc

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