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The All About Psychology Newsletter, February 2013
February 25, 2013

Welcome to the February 2013 issue of the All About Psychology Newsletter.

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Psychology Book of The Month

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Psychology Quote of The Month

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Psychology Article of The Month

Psychology on Kindle

And Finally

Latest Website News

The Free Psychology Books Initiative

free kindle psychology books

This new initiative on the All About Psychology Website centers around the fact that Amazon allows authors to offer their books for free for up to 5 days every three months.

This is something I intend to do with all my books and I'm hoping to persuade other authors/editors in the psychology field to do the same.

See following link for full details of the Free Psychology Books Initiative, including how to make sure you know as soon as an Amazon author offers their book for free!

Free Psychology Books

Psychology Book of The Month

The psychology book of the month for February is:

Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes By Maria Konnikova

psychology book of the month february 2013

Book Details

No fictional character is more renowned for his powers of thought and observation than Sherlock Holmes. But is his extraordinary intellect merely a gift of fiction, or can we learn to cultivate these abilities ourselves, to improve our lives at work and at home?

We can, says psychologist and journalist Maria Konnikova, and in Mastermind she shows us how. Beginning with the “brain attic” - Holmes’s metaphor for how we store information and organize knowledge - Konnikova unpacks the mental strategies that lead to clearer thinking and deeper insights. Drawing on twenty-first-century neuroscience and psychology, Mastermind explores Holmes’s unique methods of ever-present mindfulness, astute observation, and logical deduction. In doing so, it shows how each of us, with some self-awareness and a little practice, can employ these same methods to sharpen our perceptions, solve difficult problems, and enhance our creative powers.

For Holmes aficionados and casual readers alike, Konnikova reveals how the world’s most keen-eyed detective can serve as an unparalleled guide to upgrading the mind.

For details of this publication and all the psychology book of the month entries - see following link.

Psychology Book of The Month

Facebook Faves

Over 75,000 people are now following the All About Psychology facebook page. Among The most "liked" and commented upon posts since the launch of the page was:

Dr. Paul Ekman

Fascinating interview with nonverbal behavior pioneer Dr. Paul Ekman in which he discusses his conversations with the Dalai Lama on emotional experience; his revolutionary research, the latest advancements in the field of emotional recognition. He also talks openly about his personal and professional involvement with the TV show ‘Lie To Me’.

See following link to learn more about Dr. Paul Ekman and listen to the interview (about half way down the page).

Paul Ekman

Thinking About Becoming A Psychology Student?

See following links to find a psychology school near you.

Psychology Degrees (USA)

Online Psychology Degrees (USA)

Psychology Degrees (UK)

Psychology Quote of The Month

psychology Quotes

(Photo Credit: illuminaut via flickr creative commons).

Psychology on Pinterest

psychology on pinterest

I've started using Pinterest to help me organize and share material from the All About Psychology website and elsewhere online.

I currently have 24 pinboards up and running which are added to on a regular basis. You can access all the boards via the following link.

Psychology Article of The Month

psychology articles

(Photo Credit: cstrom - via flickr Creative Commons)

See following link to read a very useful full-text journal article in which the authors discuss 10 learning techniques in detail and offer recommendations concerning their relative utility.

Improving Students' Learning With Effective Learning Techniques

Psychology on Kindle

The initiative to make important, insightful and classic psychology publications widely available on Kindle is going from strength to strength. Among the most popular titles added are:

Hierarchy of Needs: A Theory of Human Motivation by Abraham Maslow

Transmission of Aggression Through Imitation of Aggressive Models by Albert Bandura

Significant Aspects of Client-Centered Therapy by Carl Rogers

You can view the full psychology on Kindle collection via the following link.

Psychology on Kindle

And Finally

psychology articles

Please take a moment to join me and thousands of psychology students online.

Connect on Facebook

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Psychology on Google+

Connect on Linkedin

Psychology on Linkedin

Never Miss A Thing

In response to a number of requests I've set-up a Psychology Website Update list to keep people informed when new content and resources are added to the site.

If you would like to join the psychology update list, you can do so via the following link.

Psychology Website Update List

For reading the All About Psychology Newsletter.

Until next time.

All the very best

Dave Webb BSc (hons), MSc

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