Psychology Degree Directories

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Looking for psychology degree information? This page has links to the most comprehensive psychology degree directories available. I've arranged the information alphabetically by country and intend to add links to psychology degrees in other countries in due course.


Search for psychology courses by state via The Australian Psychology Accreditation Council website.

Click Here to visit the website.


The Canadian Psychological Association has produced a list of Universties offering accredited programs in psychology,

Click Here for full details.


Comprehensive list of colleges offering psychology degrees in India

Click Here to see the list (located under institutions half way down page).

The Republic of Ireland

The Psychological Society of Ireland provides a directory of accredited undergraduate and postgraduate psychology courses.

Click Here to search the directories.


The British Psychological Society has a number of excellent course databases. These include:

  • The Undergraduate Accredited Courses Database
  • The Psychology Conversion Courses Database
  • Postgraduate Professional Training Courses Database
  • Click Here to access the BPS course databases.


    All Psychology Schools is a comprehensive online directory of psychology schools, degrees and career resources. This great resource allows you to search for psychology schools by state, degree type and specialized subject area. In addition, you can also request free information from the psychology schools you are interested in.

    Click Here to visit All Psychology Schools.

    Recommended Reading

    Career Paths in Psychology: Where Your Degree Can Take You by Robert J. Sternberg

    Book Description

    Career Paths in Psychology is a must-have resource for students contemplating a career in psychology, for psychologists considering switching between areas of psychology, and for professionals thinking of switching to psychology from another field.

    In this comprehensive anthology, authors selected for their distinction in their chosen careers offer their professional-and personal-perspectives on 19 different graduate-level careers in psychology.

    See following link for more details:

    Career Paths in Psychology: Where Your Degree Can Take You

    UK Visitors Click Here

    Read Classic Psychology Studies on Kindle

    See following link for full details.

    Psychology On Kindle

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