Psychology OF...

Welcome to the psychology of... page, which as the name suggests will showcase the most interesting topics that have been investigated via the prefix "psychology of".

There are already a couple of "psychology of" pages on the website, along with one or two more that have been featured as blog posts and I thought it would be a good idea to bring them together; as well as adding new Psychology of" topics as and when appropriate.

Each "psychology of" topic has its own page that you can access via the links below.

The PSYCHOLOGY OF Collection

(Photo Credit: Diego da Silva)

Psychology of Dreams

(Photo Credit: Zen)

Psychology of Music

(Photo Credit: Marcus Smith)

Psychology of Risk

Coming Soon!

  • The psychology of Attention
  • The psychology of Doodling
  • The psychology of Fear
  • The psychology of Loneliness
  • The psychology of Love
  • The psychology of Smiling

  • Read Classic Psychology Studies on Kindle

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    Psychology On Kindle

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