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Important Update May 2012

I had originally planned just to have a body language section here on the All About psychology website but such is the scope and range of this fascinating topic it soon became clear that it needed a dedicated website to do justice to all the things we intend to cover.

So, if you're interested in learning all about body language head over to the new Body Language Website which already has plenty of information and resources available: Including:

  • Body Language Analysis Videos
  • Body Language Guides
  • Body Language Tips
  • Body Language Q & A
  • Body Language Articles
  • And that's just the beginning, we've got some amazing things lined-up, such as exclusive interviews with some of the leading body language experts in the world.

    I really hope you enjoy exploring our new website which you can access via the following link.

    Body Language Website

    All the very best


    body language

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    A very warm welcome to the Body Language section here on the All About Psychology website. I'm delighted to announce that expert information and resources relating to this fascinating topic will be provided by Craig-James Baxter.

    Craig With Partner Kat

    body language expert

    Craig is the founder & owner of Understanding Body Language. Liars, Cheats and Happy Feet. He is a master trainer in reading advanced micro expressions with Elite Humintell training and is one of the most viewed body language decoders in YouTube’s history, having complied nearly 100 body language analysis videos featuring celebrities, politicians, musicians and high profile criminology cases.

    See following links to read a couple of newspaper articles featuring Craig.

    You Can't Keep Anything Hidden From This Man

    Impressing at Job Interviews

    Body Language Basics

    Body language is the process of using facial expressions, gestures, gaze, tone of voice and postures in order to send and receive wordless messages.

    Body language is a powerful communicator. 80% of what we deliver is derived from our speech tones, our gestures, movements, mannerisms, expressions and idiosyncrasies. It is without doubt the stronger communicator, with so much emphasis being placed on how statements and stories are delivered rather than relying on actual words to get our statements across.

    The concept of body language is such a broad statement as it covers almost everything in the realms of Kinesics, from negative clusters such as arm folding, leg folding and contemptuous facial movements, to more positive head nods, oculesics (eye behaviour), tactilics (touching), proxemics (personal space), physiognomony (interpretation of character & temperament based on features of the face), micro expressions (43 muscles of the face that combine to make over 10,000 facial expressions, 7 of which are considered universal), paralinguistics (speed, tone, volume, pitch of voice), mirroring gestures and sign language. We use all of the above daily, often without us even being consciously aware that we are doing so.

    From this, we can work out whether a person is being honest, is lying, or is feeling happy, sad, fearful, surprised, angry, disgusted or is full of contempt for something. The more we know about someone’s movements, the more we understand the person’s inner feelings.”

    Body Language Articles

    body language

    (Photo Credit: Victoria Landon)

    See following link to read a great article on the difficult yet fascinating world of detecting dishonesty and evaluating credibility.

    Detecting Deception

    Body Language Tips

    In this section Craig will be offering great practical advice on how an understanding of body language can be employed to positive effect.

    body language

    (Photo Credit: thoth92)

    Increase Your Tips

    Learn More About Body Language

    Understanding Body Language Facebook Page

    Craig-James Baxter's Understanding Body Language facebook page has legions of fans in 43 different countries. Click Here to join his page if you want to learn the art of spotting flirting signals, learn how to interrogate someone you suspect is lying, learn how to read someone’s expressions, movements and gestures so you really know how their feeling, and how to understand and strengthen your relationship with your partner, friends and family.

    Can You Spot A Fake Smile?

    Can You Spot The Fake Smile

    Based on research by Professor Paul Ekman - a psychologist at the University of California - this online experiment hosted by the BBC is designed to test whether you can spot the difference between a fake smile and a real one.

    See following link to have a go.

    Fake Smile Test

    Body Language Analysis Videos

    Click Here to access all Craig-James Baxter's body language analysis videos.

    Body Language Books

    Classic Articles All Psychology Students Should Read

    This special Kindle collection consists of the most influential, infamous and iconic research articles ever published in the history of psychology. See following link for full details.

    The Psychology Classics Kindle Collection

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