Accredited Psychology Courses: Student Information Guide

If you are thinking of doing a psychology degree in the UK the concept of accreditation is something you need to consider. All the psychology degrees listed on the UK Psychology University Degree Directory are accredited psychology courses; but what does this mean? And why is accreditation important?

Understanding Accreditation

Accreditation is essentially the formal recognition that a psychology course is fit for purpose i.e. it is has been designed and has the necessary resources to facilitate student learning. Accreditation is a quality control check, according the British Psychological Society website:

"Students on courses that are accredited by the Society can be assured that the course’s fulfilment of the required accreditation criteria will have been regularly checked by teams of psychologists acting on behalf of the Society. The accreditation process considers the course content (teaching and learning opportunities) and the resources that are in place to support the overall learning experience. All courses have to meet published criteria in order to gain accreditation."

Is Accreditation Important

If you intend to become a psychologist, it's very important. Likewise if you intend to study psychology as a postgraduate. For instance, the first stage in becoming a chartered psychologist is to complete an undergraduate degree or conversion course that offers what is known as Graduate Basis for Registration (GBR); and GBR can only be achieved via a British Psychological Society accredited course.

The majority of students who do a psychology degree do not actually become psychologists or end up working within the field of professional psychology and for them the issue of accreditation is much less important.

Learn More About Accreditation

The British Psychological Society provides lots of clear and concise information on accreditation which you can access by Clicking Here

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