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Welcome to the about anxiety Q & A page. This page consists of all the anxiety related questions visitors have submitted to the All About Psychology website, along with any replies received in response to these questions about anxiety.

Please note that the content and questions about anxiety on this page are provided for your convenience to provide further information and should not be considered a substitute for professional psychological, psychiatric or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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About Anxiety

About Anxiety Problem (Shirley, UK)

Hi, I have been troubled with feelings of unreality for 2 years now. Some days I have wondered if I am on another planet! I know this is an anxiety problem. Please can someone explain further and put my mind at rest as this has stopped me driving distances and leading my life to the full during the last 2 years.

I feel your pain. medication and therapy helped me. I have come a very long way in my struggle with anxiety. give it some consideration (Thomas).

Social Anxiety (Tracy, USA)

I have a problem holding conversations with people I know, not folks I know real well, like family, but people I don't know as well as family. Then, on the other hand, I have very little problem talking with total strangers.

I have a problem looking them in the eye; I can't think of what to say. I'm extremely self conscious, self aware. I hate being like this. Because of this, I don't have friendships, or at least I don't have close friends.

Well to overcome your fears of socializing you must mingle and get to know people. Most of the time people are just amazed by what you do and then there is your lead way for a conversation. Many have a nervous breakdown when it comes to parties, cocktail events, weddings, etc. but the only way to feel yourself throught is just speak and branch out of your confort zone. Most importantly be yourself and things will workout better for you! (Anonymous).

About Anxiety Management (Anonymous)

I am in my third year of my bachelors degree, and have decided to take on some volunteer work at a nursing home as preparation for my masters degree. The occupational therapist thought I would be suited to one particular job as I have some background in psychology.

So I've been seeing this old lady with anxiety, depression and dependent personality disorder on a weekly basis.

My question about anxiety is rather broad as I have been given little training or assistance with this case, so mostly I would just appreciate any tips you can think of in dealing with anxiety and depression in the elderly.

As she cant afford to see a psychologist they have instead sent her to me: a psychology STUDENT with no actual training in psychotherapy.

What are some activities we could do together? any ideas I have come up with so far have been knocked down: she can't watch movies because she has trouble focusing, she can't read because she can't concentrate, she doesn't want to knit because her hands hurt etc.

Any kind of help would be appreciated!

About Anxiety Symptoms (Phoenix, UK)

Hi. I'm a 38 year old female and suffer from frequent anxiety. I touch my face constantly, often picking or worrying at it without neccessarily being aware that I'm doing this. The problem seems to be getting worse. Is there a specific reason I touch this area or is it just general anxiety?

Social anxiety (Anonymous)

I believe I might have some degree of social anxiety, and I can't stand it. It hinders everything I try to do, especially with school work or intimate relationships. What's worse it that since I'm so fair-skinned, when I have to get in front of the class to do a speech or talk to a guy I think is handsome, my face gets red and I get red blotches on my chest and neck.

This worsens when I get embarrassed. My question is, how can I stop this from happening? Any tricks to keep my skin calm and cool? I really missed my chance talking to this one guy because I knew if I went up to talk to him I would just get really red.

use your imagination. Just before falling asleep, I would see myself in my imagination accomplishing what it is I want to happen on the following day. see myself extending my hand out to others or people extending there hands or love to me. I would do this every night. the subconscious mind will go to work while u are asleep to bring about what u want. It will happen in time, don't give up. You can try this with anything in your life (Rose).

The best way is to start doing what ever you think is hard for you. I know is hard but unless you start working on things that is making barriers for your mind you will never get over it. What is the worst thing that could happen. Ask this question every time you get that anxious feeling (Anonymous).

Psychological Anxiety (LM, USA)

I am a male, 38, married, professional. Every time I am invited to or find myself in a situation where I should be enjoying myself - like an evening with friends or family, a vacation, a party - I start feeling very anxious and end up having a miserable time.

I remember as a child I used to get homesick on field trips, and for most of my life, I find going out of my comfort zone a bit difficult, but now even familiar outings like hanging out with friends makes me miserable.

Recently, I lost my job and my confidence is extremely low. I am also suffering from GAD it seems (not on any medication though).

What could be behind this? Am I subconsciously punishing myself for having fun? Is this some kind of self-harm or passive aggressive behavior? Please came someone shed light on it?

About Anxiety (Samantha, FL, USA)

Hello all. I am a 22 year old female. I am supposed to be a senior in college; however, the amount of classes I have failed have put me at the beginning of my junior year. I used to be Biology major until I got kicked out of my program. When I first started going to school, I maintained a high GPA of 3.7. Now it has fallen to 2.0. After this semester I will be on academic probation until I can bring my GPA back up.

My biggest issue as to why my I let my GPA fall so low is ANXIETY. I am literally afraid of school. Not only am I afraid of exams, I am sometimes afraid to sit down and study. When the semester starts off, I am always diligent and get my work done on time. Studying is not so difficult. Towards the middle of the semester, the idea of studying starts to become more difficult. I will often start to study, but I will make up some excuse in my head as to why I have to stop ( i.e. I don't have enough time to do well on this test, my heart is pounding and I can't concentrate.) Sometimes I even picture my own professor disappointed at me that I did not do well on the exam!

By the time the semester is coming to an end, I will not show up to exams. There have been a few times where I went to take a final and I had a panic attack before I reached the building. I ended up just leaving and receiving a zero on the final. When the end of the semester approaches, I find it hard to concentrate on anything or just sit down for even five minutes. All I can think about is how nervous I am or how far behind I am in school. I always ask the question, "What is wrong with me? I used to be such a good student. I used to be so fearless about exams and studying." I usually end up breaking down into tears and often feel depressed about this. It usually destroys all motivation I have to study because I hate the feeling so much.

I don't know why I am so nervous to take an exam or even to study. I never had this problem in high school or the first two years of college. My mom tends to put a lot of pressure on me and doing well in school, but she always did and it never was a problem until the past year. I cannot recall a specific event that turned me into such a nervous, anxious, student, but something MUST be done before I get kicked out of college.

I would also like to include that all other aspects of my life are great. I have great friends, an amazing boyfriend, great parents who support me, and a fun life full of hobbies. I also believe in the power of positive thinking and positive visualization. I have used positive affirmations, took yoga classes, visualized myself doing well in school, etc. None of this seems to help stimulate motivation to sit down and study or calm the anxiety.

I have made an appointment with the counseling center at my university for next summer semester starting in two weeks. I guess my questions are: What can I do until then? Am I better off seeking a psychiatrist rather than a counselor at school?

What is the best remedy for what I am experiencing? What can I do to get out of this hole that I have dug myself in?

Please help! It's hard knowing that I have all the potential in the world but I have turned into a nervous, anxious, unmotivated student. Thank you very much for any input! :)

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