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The All About Psychology Newsletter, Issue 1
August 03, 2008


A very warm welcome to the first edition of the All About Psychology Newsletter.

In This Edition

  • What's New
  • Coming Soon
  • Just For Fun
  • In The News
  • Too Good To Miss
  • And Finally

  • This section of the newsletter showcases the most recent additions to the All About Psychology Website.

    The Psychology Associations Directory

    Anybody interested in the study and practice of psychology should make their national psychology association or society a first port of call for information, advice and guidance.

    The Psychology Association Directory is organised alphabetically by country and includes a link to the psychology association website homepage if available.

    Visit The Psychology Associations Directory

    Why is Psychology Good

    This is the title of a short but engaging lecture given by Professor Martin Seligman. A video of this thought provoking talk has just been added to the psychology videos page.

    Watch The Seligman Lecture

    I will be using twitter to let people know about all the latest updates on the All About Psychology Website.

    Start Receiving Twitter Updates

    Psychology Degree Directories

    In response to the the number of e-mails I receive requesting information on psychology courses, schools and programs, visitors to the website will soon be able to access a series of comprehensive psychology degree directories. These Will include a:

  • USA Psychology Degree Directory
  • Online Psychology Degree Directory
  • UK Psychology Degree Directory
  • International Psychology Degree Directory
  • The USA directory is currently work in progress and will eventually be organized by state.

    Take A Look At The USA Degree Directory

    Psychology Anagrams

    Rearrange the letters to reveal the names of eminent psychologists.

    1. A Giant Jeep

    2. Anal Barter Bud

    3. Refund Id Mugs

    4. Viva Van Lop

    5. Email Jaws Mil

    (Answers given below)

    Don't forget that there is an entire section dedicated to the less serious side of psychology on the website.

    Check Out Psychology Light

    Hold the front page; this section of the newsletter documents any interesting psychology stories out there in the real world.

    What Makes A Serial Killer Kill?

    A Radford University psychology professor and his students have spent 15 years investigating that; compiling a database of about 18-hundred killers, over centuries. And he says not all serial killers fit the same mold...

    Read News Item in Full

    Men More Generous When With Pretty Women

    Men, it would seem, always have an ulterior motive – even when it comes to giving to charity. Psychologists have discovered that men give more money when in the presence of a woman they find attractive compared to one they find unattractive, or members of their own sex...

    Read News Item in Full

    Mirrors Don’t Lie. Mislead? Oh, Yes

    To scientists, the simultaneous simplicity and complexity of mirrors make them powerful tools for exploring questions about perception and cognition in humans and other neuronally gifted species, and how the brain interprets and acts upon the great tides of sensory information from the external world...

    Read News Item in Full

    This section of the newsletter highlights the most fascinating psychology related news and research.

    Total Isolation

    Compelling documentary from The BBC science program Horizon.

    Research Summary

    For the first time in 40 years Horizon re-creates a controversial sensory deprivation experiment. Six ordinary people are taken to a nuclear bunker and left alone for 48 hours. Three subjects are left alone in dark, sound-proofed rooms, while the other three are given goggles and foam cuffs, while white noise is piped into their ears.

    The original experiments carried out in the 1950s and 60s by leading psychologist Prof Donald Hebb, was thought by many in the North American political and scientific establishment to be too cruel and were discontinued.

    Prof Ian Robbins, head of trauma psychology at St George's Hospital, Tooting, has been treating some of the British Guantanamo detainees and the victims of torture who come to the UK from across the world. Now he evaluates the volunteers as their brains undergo strange alterations.

    Watch The Total Isolation Documentary in Full

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    Food For Thought

    “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” (Carl Gustav Jung)

    Anagram Answers

    1. Jean Piaget

    2. Albert Bandura

    3. Sigmund Freud

    4. Ivan Pavlov

    5. William James

    For reading the All About Psychology Newsletter.

    Until next time.

    All the very best

    Dave Webb BSc (hons), MSc

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