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The All About Psychology Newsletter, August 2011
August 15, 2011

Welcome to the August 2011 issue of the All About Psychology Newsletter.

In This Edition

  • Latest News
  • Psychology Book of The Month
  • Facebook Faves

  • Psychology Videos
  • Psychology Picture of The Month

  • Psychology on Kindle

  • Check This Out
  • And Finally

  • Latest News

    Psychology on Google +

    I've just started with Google + and so far so good. I think it has lots of potential for sharing psychology resources and free real time interactive learning. If you are up and running on Google + please feel free to circle me via the following link.

    Psychology on Google +

    Psychology Book of The Month

    The psychology book of the month for August is:

    Cultural Issues in Psychology by Andrew Stevenson

    Book Description

    Does our cultural background influence the way we think and feel about ourselves and others? Does our culture affect how we choose our partners, how we define intelligence and abnormality and how we bring up our children? Psychologists have long pondered the relationship between culture and a range of psychological attributes. Cultural Issues In Psychology is an all round student guide to the key studies, theories and controversies which seek to explore human behaviour in a global context.

    With insightful classroom activities and helpful pedagogical features, this detailed, yet accessibly written book gives introductory-level psychology students access to a concise review of key research, issues, controversies and diverse approaches in the area of culture and psychology.

    See following link for details of all the book of the month entries on the All About Psychology website.

    Psychology Book of The Month


    Click Here For More Information.

    Facebook Faves

    Over 43,000 people are now following the All About Psychology facebook page. Among The most "liked" and commented upon posts since the launch of the page was:

    The Unreal World of Narcissists & Sociopaths

    This post consisted of a link to a podcast broadcast featuring experts in the field discussing a number of issues including just how and why narcissists and sociopaths might be a bigger part of your life than you imagine.

    You can listen to the podcast by Clicking Here

    Psychology Videos

    Psychology TED talks is the latest playlist to be added to the YouTube Psychology Video Channel. This wonderfully diverse collection of psychology related videos from one my all time favorite websites including talks by Steven Pinker, Martin Seligman, Oliver Sacks and Philip Zimbardo.

    You can access all the videos in the playlist via the following link.

    Psychology TED Talks

    Psychology Picture of the Month

    Wonderful picture from 1950 relating to B.F Skinner's research into the theory that reward is more effective in getting people - or in this case pigeons - to perform tasks. The text accompanying the photo was as follows:

    In still another of Professor Skinner's exhibits, which demonstrates competition, the birds play a modified game of ping-pong. Considerably smaller than regulation size, being about two feet square, and has no net. One pigeon, using his beak, tries to bat the ball past his opponent. Rallies sometimes go to three or four shots but most of the shots are "aces." The winner is rewarded with food after each shot.

    Psychology on Kindle

    The initiative to make important, insightful and classic psychology publications widely available on Kindle is going from strength to strength. Among the latest titles added are:

  • Conflict, Frustration, And The Theory of Threat by Abraham Maslow
  • Contributions To The History of Psychology (1916-1921) by Coleman Griffith
  • The Experimental Analysis of Appetite by Paul Young
  • The Dynamics of Psychological Security-Insecurity by Abraham Maslow
  • You can view the full psychology on Kindle collection via the following link.

    Psychology on Kindle


    Click Here For More Information.

    Check This Out

    The idea behind this section of the newsletter is to point you in the direction of places to visit, explore and learn.

    Optical Illusions

    See following link to learn all about and explore the fascinating world of optical illusions.

    Optical Illusions

    To get the most out of your interest in psychology connect with me on facebook and twitter and don't forget to download your free psychology guide - a comprehensive resource designed to help psychology students at each and every stage of their educational journey.

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    Never Miss A Thing

    In response to a number of requests I've set-up a Psychology Website Update list to keep people informed when new content and resources are added to the site.

    If you would like to join the psychology update list, you can do so via the following link.

    Psychology Website Update List

    For reading the All About Psychology Newsletter.

    Until next time.

    All the very best

    Dave Webb BSc (hons), MSc

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