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Pareidolia Pictures

Welcome to the pareidolia pictures page. If you've read the information on the main pareidolia page you'll know that pareidolia is the perception of an ambiguous and random stimulus as significant. 

This enduring human tendency is essentially an illusion or misperception, whereby something distinctly recognizable, such as a face, is seen in all kinds of places. The aim of this page is to showcase the best examples of this.

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Pareidolia Pictures

Please let me know which picture is your favorite via the facebook comments box at the bottom of the page. 

(A huge thanks to whoever originally posted these great pictures online.)

Rabbit Cloud

Pareidolia Rabbit Cloud

Suspicious House Eyes 

Pareidolia Suspicious House Eyes

Angry Kayak

pareidolia Angry Kayak

Chirpy Towel Dispenser

Pareidolia Chirpy Towel Dispenser

Picasso Pants 

Pareidolia Picasso Pants

Depressed Alarm Clock

Pareidolia Depressed Alarm Clock

Stony Faced 

pareidolia Stony Faced

Synchronized Shock

Pareidolia Synchronized Shock

Tormented Tree

pareidolia Tormented Tree

Yoda Pig

Pareidolia Yoda Pig

The Angry Slipper Twins

Pareidolia The Angry Slipper Twins

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