Pareidolia Pictures


Pareidolia Pictures


Welcome to the pareidolia pictures page here on the All About Psychology website. If you've read the information on the main pareidolia page you'll know that pareidolia is the perception of an ambiguous and random stimulus as significant.

This enduring human tendency is essentially an illusion or misperception, whereby something distinctly recognisable is perceived in all kinds of places e.g. the face of Elvis on a piece of toast. With this in mind, the pareidolia pictures page will showcase some of the best examples out there.

Please let me know which picture is your favorite via the facebook comments box at the bottom of the page.

A Huge thanks to whoever originally posted these great pictures online.

Rabbit Cloud


Suspicious House Eyes


Angry Kayak


Chirpy Towel Dispenser


(Photo Credit: Cennydd)

Picasso Pants


Depressed Alarm Clock


(Photo Credit: imbrettjackson)

Stony Faced


Synchronized Shock


(Photo Credit: NUCO)

Tormented Tree


Happy Mushroom


(Photo Credit: Aidan-Sally)

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